2022-2023 PCY PTA Committee Chairs

6th Grade Activities Stefani Galvagni stefani.galvagni@gmail.com  
6th Grade Play Holly Breckheimer parliamentarian@pcypta.org  
Art Docent Marion Oberle marionoberle@gmail.com  
Art Week TBD    
Assist Athletics Andy Chidester chidester1@gmail.com  
Back to School Luncheon Rana Kantar membership@pcypta.org  
Back to School Picnic  Cristina Kelly cristinadkelly@yahoo.com  
Back to School Picnic  Deona Willes deonalw@gmail.com  
Book Fair Nicole Chavez chavez42200@msn.com  
Book Fair Christel Beattie    
Box Tops Nicole Chavez chavez42200@msn.com  
Boys Scouts (5-6) TBD    
Chess Club Kelly Green  wintergames@gmail.com  
Chorus Lindsay Henriod pcychoralclub@gmail.com   
Cougar Tracks Lindsey Schnell lindseyschnell@yahoo.com  
Cougar Wear Alka Stroud alka_b@hotmail.com  
Country Fair  Erin Ruffalo programs@pcypta.org  
Cub Scouts (1-5) Rachael Koelzer rachel.koelzer@gmail.com  
Dine Out Nights (2 events) Allison Carmack amcarmack@hotmail.com  
Directory Diana Trujillo  dianetrujillo@jpl.nasa.gov  
Earth Week Monal Hurry-Hyldahl lesliehh07@yahoo.com  
Family Reading Nights Kim Blaha  kimagardner@freemail.hu  
Founder's Day Natascha Gundersen nataschagundersen@gmail.com  
Fun Day Desiree Dziurgot desi-mike@hotmail.com  
Gift Wrap Staryln Hall taystar@pacbell.net  
Girl Scouts Maricela Hurtado  maricehu@yahoo.com  
Girl Scouts Danni Remender  pcytroop931@gmail.com  
Health Promotion Week Andrew Leavins    
Holiday Luncheon TBD    
Instagram and Facebook chair Hannah Boykins peachyday84@gmail.com  
Jr. Math Olympiad – Grade 4 & 5 Edita Khanlarian ekhanlarian@lcusd.net  
Kinder Back to School Night Rana Kantar membership@pcypta.org  
Kindergarten Orientation (April) Angela Blair angelamblair@gmail.com  
Korean Outreach Committee

Jenny Kim (co-chair)

Doyoun Kim (co-chair)

Sharon Park Lue (vice-chair)




Last Minute Volunteers Sarina Stogel volunteers@pcypta.org  
LCUSD Science Liaison Amy Nespor anespor@lcusd.net  
Library Volunteers Martha Kirouac mkirouac@gmail.com  
Lost & Found  Hilary Dansces  hdancsecs01@gmail.com  
Lost & Found  Cristina Kelly cristinadkelly@yahoo.com  
Math Olympiad – Grades 5 & 6 Edita Khanlarian ekhanlarian@lcusd.net  
New Family Liaison TBD    
Outdoor Bulletin Boards Danielle Smith  prmontrose@sbcglobal.net  
Parker Anderson Enrichment Josh Parker la@parker-anderson.org  
Party Book Sarah McCann sarahsimamccann@gmail.com  
Party Book Heather Scherbert heather.scherbert@gmail.com  
Passive Fundraising Julie Shih julshih@gmail.con  
PCY Dads Club Eric Trimble  jetrimble@hotmail.com  
PCY Reads TBD    
PE Volunteers Sue Park-Rhee sueparkrhee@gmail.com  
Promotion Kate Walters katewalters@yahoo.com  
PTA Council Representative Angela Blair President@pcypta.org   
PTA Council Representative Katie Canton evp@pcypta.org   
PTA Council Representative Holly Breckheimer parliamentarian@pcypta.org  
PTA Council Representative Mira Shah treasurer@pcypta.org  
Publicity TBD    
Red Ribbon Week TBD    
Reflections Arts Recognition Program Nan S forcalnan@gmail.com  
Retirement & Farewells  Danielle Contes daniellemcontes@gmail.com  
Robotics Club (Grades 1-6) TBD    
School Supply Boxes & Agendas Jiffy Trubey jiffnaround@yahoo.com  
School X Susan Yim susany@school-x.org  
Science Nights Out TBD    
Science Week/ Science Fair TBD    
Social Media Hannah Boykin Peachyday84@gmail.com  
Spanish Senora Hurley  katherinehurley@lcusd.net  
Spirit Rally Coordinators Starlyn Hall taystar@pacbell.net  
Staff Appreciation Week Erin Ruffalo programs@pcypta.org  
Staff Appreciation Week Danni Remender pcytroop931@gmail.com  
STEAM Sharon Park Lue bopark206@gmail.com  
STEAM Activity Nights Sharon Park Lue bopark206@gmail.com  
STEAM Field Trips TBD    
Summer Camp Online Auction TBD    
Unsung Heroes Misbah Etman  misbahetman@gmail.com  
Website Nicole Pierce nicole.pierce1208@gmail.com  
Website James (Jifeng) Qin jamesqjf@gmail.com  
Y Tribes Harry Plotkin harry@yournextjury.com  
Yearbook Stephanie Galvagni  stefani.galvagni@gmail.com  

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Paradise Canyon Elementary would not be the amazing school it is today without our synergistic community of families and staff members. The PCY PTA aims to nurture that relationship by positively impacting the lives of PCY students though program offerings and material support.



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